His text was simple. It said “Follow me!”

I had met him a few times, socially, amongst friends. There was something about him. When he spoke, people listened. He was passionate when he opened a subject that was dear to him.

He wasn’t terribly good-looking. Just another guy.

But his text caught my attention. Just that – my attention.

I opened up twitter and did a search. There he was.

I checked him out. Loads of followers. And I started reading his timeline. He quoted poetry, said things that mattered, opened his heart, all in this weird place of the internet. And I started to fall.

Sometimes, all it needs is a little nudge to find ourselves in a new place. A challenge of excitement. A thrill to get to know someone who is open to themselves and all that they experience.

I kept following. He was open, wise, funny in his tweets.

I began to wonder about him. To fantasise about what it would be like to be in his world.

He tweeted, “I am in love, but she doesn’t know it.”

Fuck, my heart raced. What if…..

But no, surely not. This leader of mine wouldn’t be interested in me.

For the first time, I replied to his tweet. Just a simple “yes”. I am waiting for his reply.


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Dangerous Pleasures

She texted me. “I have a new place to explore. And a desire to fulfill. Are you in?”

Of course I was. Ellen is a friend, a fucking friend. She is dauntless, exciting, good company and likes to push boundaries. Whatever she had thought up had to be exciting – and sensual.

On the day we had arranged, I drove to her flat and rang the buzzer. She told me to wait and in minutes opened the door, saying, “We’ll take my car.”  She looked hot as always. But with an anxiety I hadn’t seen before. I asked her if she was OK and she just smiled. And motioned me to the passenger seat.

We drove out to the country. It was getting dark as she pulled up on a small lane, asking me to grab the bag from the back seat. She picked up the bag and we walked up the lane until we reached a gate, which she opened wide, pulling me behind her. She had an intense look in her eyes.  “Wait a moment”, she said, producing a dark strip of cloth and folding it over my eyes.

I knew better than to question her. Every occasion with Ellen was an adventure. A delight. She knew what she wanted and I had no reason to doubt her.

She led me by the hand. I sensed a path overgrown with grasses and vines. Thee smell was both sweet and decaying.

We stopped. She said that we were safely away from the road and asked me to stand still. I felt her hands on the buttons of my shirt, easing them open one by one before placing her cool hands on my chest. She kissed me. Then moved away.

I felt her behind me, pulling my wrists quickly together behind my back. I felt the rope snake over my skin as she expertly tied my hands and started looping ties around my arms and chest. She told me to sit and I felt her hands pulling at my shoes and socks, then fiddling with the buttons of my jeans, tugging them down and off my legs. I was naked.

She helped me to my feet and led me, still blindfolded. We stopped and she gently urged me back until the backs of my thighs felt cold stone. “Get up on this”, she said.

She helped me ease myself onto the stone. This was strange, weird. The feeling of the flat, cold stone against my back and arms was exciting. Then I felt more rope being fixed to my ankles.  More strands were placed over my chest and fixed behind me.  I was tied down.

I felt her hands untying my blindfold. At last I could see her in the dim light. She too had undressed to reveal her stockings and a black suspender belt laced with pink. It made her nakedness more appealing.

I knew that she liked to be in control. I enjoyed it.  I waited.

She started speaking, but in a way that I had never known before. “In ancient times, women would expand their sexual nature by communing with corruption and the dead. Thus Kali walks the word, sucking up the energy of those who would come before her. She was power and darkness, delight and terror.”

She reached into her bag and produced a flogger. Bright red and black tongues of leather showed themselves. Slowly, she started whipping my body, lightly at first over my chest and arms. Then to my thighs, teasing the soft skin inside. I grew hard. She continued with soft bows all over my body. Until she saw that my cock was gleaming, my pre-cum oozing and flowing from my hardness.

She climbed up over the stone tomb that she had tied me to. And lowered herself onto my cock. I could not gauge her expression. She looked nervous, enlivened, aroused. She squeezed her sweet pussy around my hardness.

“Kali, Goddess of corruption and destroyer, be with me tonight,”

She started fucking me, slowly, surely, deeply. With every thrust, she drove my cock deeper into her. She reached for more rope and slowly, carefully tied it in two twists around my neck.

She gently tightened the rope and at last I felt scared. I hadn’t agreed to this. I struggled, but the ropes held me tight.

Ellen intioned more words – prayers – “Kali, the destroyer, be with me in my desire and corruption. Be with me in asking more.”

She continued to tighten the rope around my neck. still pressing her pussy over my cock. I struggled for breath and looked up at her. She snarled at me and tightened further. I felt my cock grow and pulse. I was overcome, I felt it rise, my hot semen opening me and then squirting into her hot, wet pussy. I passed out.

She had a choice. Whether to continue to squeeze the rope or to release.

If I awake, I will know what she chose.


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